Dr. Ahsan Rashid is a board certified physician who specializes in providing his patients with effective health evaluations and weight loss plans to suit their individual needs. At Internal Medicine Associates of Sand Canyon in Irvine, California, the doctor and his staff offer nutritional assessments and weight loss plans to help their patients reach and maintain a healthy weight.

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What is a nutritional assessment?

A nutritional assessment is a detailed overview of a person’s diet and nutritional needs. It involves taking a close look at the types of food a patient consumes as part of their regular diet and the number of nutrients they receive through food as well as any supplements they may be taking. Dr. Rashid will also look closely at the patient’s lifestyle and medical history, as well as their family history. Once the evaluation is completed, the doctor will be able to identify any strengths and weaknesses that may have a significant impact on the individual’s overall health. He will create a diet plan that helps patients receive the nutrients needed using the healthiest food options and cooking techniques. Individuals who attempt to lose weight on their own often eliminate nutrients while they’re trying to cut back on calories. A nutritional assessment will help patients avoid this.

What is included in a medically supervised weight loss plan?

A medically supervised weight loss plan includes many tools and resources that are designed to support the patient’s specific weight loss journey. A comprehensive physical is performed to identify any potential health issues they may have. Once health issues are identified, Dr. Rashid will perform a nutritional assessment and BMI check. In some cases, nutritional supplements may be needed to increase the number of nutrients received without adding additional calories. He will also provide an exercise program designed specifically for the individual’s level of activity. Medications may also be prescribed to assist in the patient’s progress. Dr. Rashid and his staff will also provide the emotional support and guidance patients need as they face obstacles and begin to reach their goals.

What are the benefits of a medically supervised weight loss plan?

Medically supervised weight loss plans offer patients a tailored approach to finding the program best suited to them. With Dr. Rashid’s oversight of the patient’s program and knowledge of their health status, their weight loss will be safe and sustainable. Patients will see their progress in goal charts and comparison diagrams as the doctor monitors their weight loss journey. Dr. Rashid and his staff provide both medical and moral support as patients face challenges and surpass their goals.