Dr. Ahsan Rashid and his staff perform annual physicals for a variety of purposes including yearly wellness checks and sports physicals. Dr. Rashid is a board certified physician who offers a wide variety of preventive care services to his patients who live in and around the Irvine, California area.

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Why are annual physicals needed?

Annual physicals are needed to monitor your health and are often the first method of detection for many serious and life-threatening illnesses. Dr. Rashid will be able to track subtle changes in your health from year to year that may indicate the potential onset of heart disease, diabetes, or various forms of arthritis. An annual physical will help him formulate a treatment plan before a condition worsens and you have fewer options. Dr. Rashid advises female patients to have a yearly gynecological examination as well as an annual physical.

Is early detection of chronic illness important?

Detecting a chronic illness in its earliest stages is extremely advantageous. If a condition is diagnosed early in its development, you and Dr. Rashid will have many more viable treatment options to choose from. If your condition is advanced when it’s discovered, it will be more difficult to treat simply because there has been more damage done to the body. With certain types of cancer, early detection may mean removing the diseased tissue without the need for chemotherapy or radiation. The further along the cancer is, the more aggressive the treatment must be. Dr. Rashid knows that early detection saves lives and he wants to give you a better chance for a complete recovery.

What is included in an annual physical?

For a person who is relatively healthy, Dr. Rashid may recommend preventive screenings for prostate disease, breast cancer, or cervical cancer. A blood draw may also be scheduled, as well as a high blood pressure screening, and cholesterol test. Dr. Rashid will review your chart and ask if you’re experiencing any signs or symptoms of disease. If not, he’ll perform a thorough physical evaluation to identify any potential health problems. In most cases, an annual physical can be completed in as little as 45 minutes, aside from the mammogram and other preventive screenings.