At Internal Medicine Associates of Sand Canyon, Dr. Ahsan Rashid and his staff will save you time and stress by handling all your blood work with convenient next day results. Patients who live in the Irvine, California area and surrounding communities can visit the facility for all of their diagnostic needs.

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Why is blood work necessary?

Blood work is used to determine specific aspects of a person’s health. If a person is ill, a blood work up can identify certain strains of viruses and bacteria that allow the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. In most cases, a doctor will request a complete blood work up if the patient is exhibiting signs of an illness with an unknown cause. Blood tests can also reveal a patient’s health concerns through glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride tests. These tests can help Dr. Rashid determine if a patient may be diabetic, pre-diabetic, anemic, or have high cholesterol. With blood work, Dr. Rashid can help improve or put a stop to many potential health problems. Blood work is also done prior to most surgeries involving the use of anesthesia.

Is blood work normally included in an annual physical?

Blood work is included in an annual physical.The blood test done for male patients in the female patients are different as in the mail patient’s we would like to check PSA to rule out any pathology related to prostate and the testosterone level.  While in female patients we would like to check female hormones, like FSH, LH, estrogen and progesterone levels, these hormones can tell if a patient is going through a life change. If Dr. Rashid notices signs of a specific illness or health condition, he will request a complete blood test to identify potential changes in the number of red and white blood cells to help him identify the probable cause. A drop in red blood cells may indicate anemia which is common in women who have excessively heavy menstrual periods. An increase in the number of white blood cells can indicate the presence of an infectious disease that the body’s immune system is trying to eliminate. Nonetheless, regular blood tests will help Dr. Rashid track your health and progress. For annual examinations, comprehensive blood tests are done